West Buganda Diocese Seeks 1 Billion Shillings for Bishop's New Residence

West Buganda Diocese Seeks 1 Billion Shillings for Bishop's New Residence

Anglicans within West Buganda Diocese have initiated a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising 1 billion Ugandan Shillings to finance the construction of a new residence for the bishop.

The planned residence will be a two-story structure, featuring modern amenities such as a kitchen, guest rooms, dining hall, sitting room, chapel, flower garden, and library, among others. It will be situated adjacent to the current bishop's residence at Kako Hill.

Canon Guster Lule Ntake, chairperson of the diocesan buildings and development committee, outlined their vision to complete the project within a year, with all necessary funds collected from believers and well-wishers.

"Our primary source of income for this project is our congregation, as we do not have external funding. We call upon all clergy members to join as mobilizers," he expressed during the fundraising launch on September 9.

The current bishop's residence was originally constructed by Church Missionary Society missionaries in 1920, serving as a hub for their evangelism efforts and contributing to the establishment of West Buganda Diocese in 1920. Over the years, it has been used by all six bishops who have served the diocese.

Bishop Henry Katumba-Tamale of West Buganda Diocese stressed the importance of modernizing clergy residences across the diocese. This project is part of his legacy as he plans to retire in 2025.

During his tenure, Bishop Tamale has overseen numerous development initiatives, including the completion of Church Plaza in Masaka City and the promotion of coffee cultivation in all diocesan parishes. He took over from Bishop Godfrey Makumbi in June 2016 after serving for four years.

West Buganda Diocese presides over nine districts in the Masaka Sub-region, encompassing more than 500 churches.


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