Homes and Construction Expo 2023: Access Building Experts and Services

Homes and Construction Expo 2023: Access Building Experts and Services

On September 19, 2023, the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds will be hosting Vision Group's Homes and Construction Expo. For an entry fee of just UGX 10,000, visitors can participate in free panel discussions and workshops centered around homes and construction.

One key piece of advice for those interested in tiles is that floor tiles should have a slightly rough texture to prevent slipping when they are wet.

This event is scheduled for October 14 and 15 and will be a hub for anyone connected to or intrigued by the housing and construction sectors. With the entry fee, attendees gain access to a range of services, including panel discussions and workshops. They can also engage with various experts from the construction field, including architects, surveyors, builders, and real estate financiers.

Under the theme "Innovations, Standards, and Opportunities," this expo targets potential homeowners, current homeowners, and those considering investments in real estate. As suggested by the theme, Uganda has struggled with poor building standards, resulting in the loss of lives and investments.

This issue has severe consequences for the country, with one major repercussion being the high costs associated with hiring professional construction engineers. As a result, some developers have resorted to using unqualified individuals to oversee construction projects. Unfortunately, these inexperienced "engineers" often produce subpar work due to their limited knowledge of construction and professional ethics.

Another contributing factor to substandard construction is the escalating prices of building materials, especially tiles. This has led to many developers employing cheap and low-quality builders, resulting in poor workmanship. To address these challenges, David Kireli, a civil engineer, advises individuals with upcoming construction projects to seek professional guidance from construction companies, which can connect them with experienced builders and tile installers.

A crucial consideration for those seeking tile expertise is the distinction between wall and floor tiles. According to Abdu Wahab Nyanzi, an architect, wall tiles are primarily for decorative purposes and are designed to be strong enough to hang on walls. In contrast, floor tiles undergo multiple processes to make them sturdy enough to withstand foot traffic. Kireli also emphasizes the importance of having a contractor and supervisor on-site, as some property owners prioritize completion over quality.

Identifying a genuine tile expert involves recognizing that floor tiles should have a slightly rough texture to minimize the risk of slipping when they are wet. Glossy and smooth tiles, like marble and mosaic, are suitable for decorative purposes on walls but are not recommended for floors due to their slipperiness and reduced durability.

To engage with qualified construction engineers, exhibitors, and influential figures in the homes and construction industry, consider attending the expo for unparalleled insights. For stall reservations, please call 0787511106.


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