2 Acres of Land for Sale in Matale, Lugazi

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For Sale, Land plot

UGX 17 Million Sale
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Date created: 12.09.2023 13:34:02
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For Sale
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Land Plot
Buikwe, Matale, Lugazi
UGX 17 Million Sale

Property Details:

  • Location: Lugazi, Matale
  • Price: UGX 17 Million Per Acre
  • Property Type: Farmland or Rural Land
  • Property Status: For Sale

Affordable 2-Acre Farmland in Matale, Lugazi - Your Opportunity!

Looking for a spacious piece of land in a tranquil rural setting? Check out this 2-acre farmland in Matale Village in Lugazi, also known as Kawolo, located in the Buikwe District of Uganda's Central Region. At just UGX 17 million per acre, this property offers an excellent opportunity for investment or your dream rural retreat.

About Lugazi:

Lugazi, or Kawolo, is a charming town nestled along the scenic Kampala-Jinja Highway, just 46 kilometers (29 miles) east of Uganda's bustling capital, Kampala. This town is known for its peaceful atmosphere and serene rural landscapes. Mukono, another vibrant town, is only 25.5 kilometers (16 miles) away, making Lugazi an ideal place to escape the city's hustle and bustle.

Local Attractions:

Lugazi benefits from its proximity to various localities:

  • Ngogwe (5 km southeast): A friendly municipality in Buikwe District, Ngogwe offers a taste of rural living with its peaceful surroundings.
  • Nkokonjeru (7 km southwest): This town council boasts several villages, each with its own unique charm, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

Population Growth:

Lugazi has experienced steady population growth over the years, reflecting its desirability as a place to live and invest. The 2014 national census recorded a population of 114,163, making it a thriving and growing community.

If you're looking for a sizable plot of land in a peaceful rural setting, this 2-acre farmland in Matale Village in Lugazi could be your perfect opportunity. Don't miss out on this affordable investment in a town with a promising future. Contact us today for more details and to arrange a viewing.

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Buikwe, Lugazi, Ngogwe, Njeru, Nkokonjeru and Nyenga Towns
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